Bicameral Ventures Announces Four Additions To Its Board Of Advisors

Job Appointments | August 19, 2019 By:

Bicameral Ventures has added Michael Casey, Jean Desgagne, Todd Finch and Stefan Rust to its advisory board.

Bicameral Ventures is a Venture Capital fund focused on “Interconnected Investing” and building a portfolio of highly complementary projects working toward bringing new technology paradigms into reality. Bicameral’s themes include blockchain, interoperability, data and identity self-sovereignty, personalized AI and Web 3.0.

The additions of Casey, a renowned blockchain author, researcher, advisor and entrepreneur; Desgagne, former CEO of TMX Global Solutions and 25 year Bay Street veteran; Finch, former head of Netscape Canada and Founder and Managing Director of The Main Thing; and Rust, CEO of and former head of Sun Microsystem’s Web 2.0 venture arm, to Bicameral Ventures’ board bring Bicameral’s advisory board to six members. According to the firm, board members work at different layers of the technology stack to build superior experiences that leverage blockchain and blockchain-powered technologies, such as AI and IoT.

“As we push toward our goal of developing the premier building blocks and trusted experiences of the Web 3.0 world and interconnecting them within Bicameral, bringing these four world-recognized advisors into the fold drastically increases our scope and breadth of knowledge,” said Alex McDougall, Chief Investment Officer of Bicameral Ventures. “We have a massive vision and this group is beyond reproach when it comes to their insight and experience in frontier technology markets.”

“Blockchain and its related technologies remain extremely nascent, which is why Bicameral’s advisors are as diverse as our investments across every level of the opportunity set,” said Kesem Frank, CEO of Bicameral Ventures. “It will always be our goal to invest in the building blocks and experiences that will drive real adoption because that is how value enters the system. With Interconnected Investing, one project’s upside becomes every project’s upside and our advisors put us in position to maximize this.”