Cripto247 – Bike-Bitcoin: Rappi would start selling cryptocurrencies in Colombia

Cryptocurrencies Will Be Used For Groceries in Colombia When Rappi Launches

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Rappi is a digital currency purchasing service. Although it is not yet available, the company aims to have the exchange as “easy, fast and safe” service in a country not known for that.

Rappi envisions food delivery and all kinds of products on its service, and added “bitcoin” to the services section for its customers in Colombia. Although the sale of bitcoin is not yet available, within the application they allow the interested party to sign up to obtain “exclusive access” to acquire the most famous cryptocurrency in an “easy, fast, and secure” manner.

The company launched a survey to its users asking if they would be interested in buying bitcoins through Rappi, how much money they would like to use to buy this cryptocurrency, and if they already bought before (and if they bought, how they did it).

The company has not specified until now when the service will start operating or how it will be done.

One of the characteristics that defines Rappi is the potentially wide variety of products and services available for delivery. Co-founder Sebastián Mejía defined it this way: “We want to be a store of everything.” The mobile application allows consumers to order supermarket products, food, and drugs from pharmacies, but also allows cash to be sent to someone, or a collaborator can withdraw money from their bank account from an ATM and delivering it to them. Those who work for Rappi can even walk the dogs of the clients.

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