Binance Labs Invests In Crypto-Focused Anti-Phishing Solutions Provider PhishFort

Investing, News | May 1, 2019 By:

PhishFort, a provider of anti-phishing solutions for crypto companies, has received an undisclosed investment form from Binance Labs, the venture arm of crypto exchange Binance.

PhishFort provides solutions to crypto companies for protection from phishing attacks and scams. Its global team of anti-phishing agents work around the clock to handle new attacks to help minimize reputational damage and loss of funds. They provide clients with the means to track attacks in real-time, as well as offering our expertise in responding to attacks. The company claims that its open-source intelligence that they use to power their browser plugin Protect is distributed to nearly 2 million users on a daily basis.

According to PhishFort, Binance Labs invested in the company because they acknowledged that safety and security were pain points for the crypto industry.

“With the experience and network of the crypto behemoth, alongside our scalable tech and purpose driven mission, we realized that there is a great synergy between us,” PhishFort co-founder Matt Marx said. “As of April this year, we’re proud to have joined the Binance extended family and work alongside them to help make the industry a safer place for everyone.”

Marx further said that the Binance Labs partnership will help them develop better tech, open doors to new opportunities, and improve thei ability to educate and communicate with the community at large.