Binance Users Offer Unconventional Solution to Serve Cristiano Ronaldo with Class Action Suit

News | January 18, 2024 By:

With difficulties serving Cristiano Ronaldo through traditional means, a group of Binance users involved in a class action suit against the soccer star has filed a motion proposing alternative service methods. The motion was filed on January 16th in a U.S. federal court.

The plaintiffs are struggling to serve Ronaldo at his suspected current residence in Saudi Arabia. As a result, the motion argues that internationally agreed methods like email and social media would ensure Ronaldo receives notice of the proceedings, as required.

Specifically, the motion proposes sending legal documents and information about the case to Ronaldo’s verified Twitter and email accounts of his legal representatives involved in other ongoing litigation in the U.S.

The class action centers on allegations that Binance clients suffered financial losses after Ronaldo promoted the cryptocurrency exchange on his social media platforms. The original November 2023 filing claims Ronaldo failed to properly disclose payments received for these promotions, in violation of SEC guidance.

Binance had entered a multi-year partnership with Ronaldo in mid-2022, involving the launch and sale of several collections of his NFTs. At least three were explicitly tied to Binance through their product integration and marketing.

If approved by the court, the alternative service methods outlined in the recent motion could allow the lawsuit against the high-profile defendant to move forward, despite the logistical hurdles of physically locating Ronaldo to serve him papers through traditional means given his uncertain whereabouts. A ruling is pending.