Bitbond launches global affiliate program

Announcements | October 5, 2015 By:

Bitbond announced the launch of its new global affiliate program.

The affiliate program is designed to open up the services Bitbond provides, and allow the vibrant Bitbond community to share in the revenue of the company. By providing a financial incentive, affiliates promoting Bitbond will now be able to profit financially for every active user they refer.

“The launch of our new global affiliate program signals our desire to align the earnings of the company with those of our community. By offering significant rewards to affiliates from around the world, we help our users to make additional income from our services,” said Bitbond CEO & founder Radoslav Albrecht.

The launch of Bitbond’s affiliate program is an acknowledgement of the rapidly growing affiliate industry, which is worth over $3 Billion and is becoming increasingly more professional.

Bitbond is bitcoin lending platform.