Bitcoin And Other Cryptos In Sharp Retreat

Investing, News | December 3, 2018 By:

Don’t get too comfortable – that’s the message being sent by the performance of the cryptocurrency markets, which are struggling to climb out of the Nov. 15 crash.

While brief flurries of rallies have appeared in the last week, it’s been largely a matter of one step up and two steps back for the markets. Today was no exception, as the weekend highs were in sharp retreat among the top ten coins.

In early trading, bitcoin was down to $3,800 on heavy trading volume, a drop of six-and-a-half percent over the last 24 hours. That seemed to drag everything else down, with many in the top ten coins experiencing declines of seven to more than nine percent in Monday trading. That sparked a series of inflammatory articles among the nay-sayers for digital currency, no doubt adding fuel to the worries of investors anxious over their hodlings.