Bitcoin Continues To Get Small, Bitcoin ABC Pulls Ahead, EOS Hard Hit

Investing, News | November 27, 2018 By:

The relentless trend downward continued this morning for the cryptocurrency markets, as bitcoin is back in the $3,700 range, dragging the rest of the markets with it.

Volume was heavy in early trading on Tuesday, as investors continued pounding the down button on the crypto elevators. Only Litecoin managed to eke out a green arrow by gaining a tenth. Particularly hard hit: ether ($104 and falling) and EOS (down below $3, a drop of near 10% today), thanks to some bearish forecasts.

The Bitcoin Cash wars continue raging, although Bitcoin ABC appears to be the winner, based on prominent exchange activity, including Coinmarketcap, the widely followed index, assigning the BCH to BCH ABC while giving a separate listing to Bitcoin SV. The Ledger wallet has also resumed Bitcoin Cash service, but only with Bitcoin ABC.