Bitcoin Depot Celebrates Incredible Growth in 2021 and Looks Ahead to 2022

Announcements, News | December 30, 2021 By:

In 2021, the cryptocurrency market captured mainstream interest and saw skyrocketing demand from consumers and retailers. The crypto ATM industry was no different. The number of global ATMs grew by 155% and more than doubled in the U.S. to 27,000. As the world’s largest and fastest growing cryptocurrency ATM company, Bitcoin Depot was at the forefront of this explosive growth. Today Bitcoin Depot reflects on one of the company’s fastest growing years yet, including the news, milestones and developments and a closer look at what 2022 may bring.

2021 Highlights
The increasing importance of Bitcoin has resulted in an exciting 2021 for Bitcoin Depot. They’ve celebrated their five-year anniversary, tripled their kiosk count, launched a secure app and crypto wallet, and moving up 746 spots on the Inc. 5000 list to #357. Some other highlights include:

  • An exclusive long-term and international partnership with Circle K
  • Surpassing more than 6,500 crypto ATMs across the U.S. and Canada
  • Gaining market share in the U.S. and solidifying our position as the No. 1 crypto ATM operator in the world

“If anything, 2021 has shown us that Bitcoin is not a short-lived trend but something that is here to stay,” said Brandon Mintz, President & CEO at Bitcoin Depot. “The crypto ATM industry continues to grow at a rapid pace with estimates that the market will hit $3.55 billion by 2030. We’re definitely seeing that usage and continued growth in our business with tremendous expansion throughout 2021.”

Looking Ahead to 2022
After a successful 2021, the company anticipate Bitcoin adoption rates will continue to rise and become even more mainstream as an accepted asset class in 2022. The market will continue to mature, driving the need for more innovative solutions that are easy and seamless to use. As witnessed by Bitcoin Depot’s partnership with Circle K, crypto ATMs will continue to expand into retail environments such as restaurants, bars and convenience stores, diversifying cryptocurrency’s customer base. And two-way crypto ATMs, which allow the purchase and selling of Bitcoin, will continue to thrive to meet consumer demand.

“As we observe trends, we can see that some years from now, Bitcoin will be one of the most valuable assets,” said Mintz. “Retailers are becoming major access points, and advocates, of cryptocurrency by hosting Bitcoin Depot ATMs. This is creating a larger network of access points. It may seem radical now but think of a world where you can buy and sell actual goods using cryptocurrency. That’s the projection for what’s next.”