Bitcoin exchange Bitsquare to rebrand

Announcements | January 17, 2017 By:

Bitsquare announced its rebranding plans to avoid the lengthy and expensive process involved in registering the ‘Bitsquare’ brand.

The open-source project led by Manfred Karrer recently ran into a setback, however, as the team tried to register the Bitsquare trademark. Payment processor Square contends that the name Bitsquare is too close to their registered trademark and opposes the registration.

Rather than fighting to keep the name Bitsquare, the team behind the decentralized exchange decided it will pick a new name.

Founded in 2014, Bitsquare launched its beta version in April 2016. It said that its distributed governance and funding model are now under full development, trade volume and liquidity have grown significantly and new members have joined the team.

Bitsquare is now seeking a new brand name that will firmly establish its presence in the cryptocurrency space. It is now turning to the community for proposals and offering 0.5 bitcoin bounty for a new brand name.