Bitcoin exchange CCEDK to relaunch as Decentralized Conglomerate

Investing | May 18, 2016 By:

CCEDK announced it will go offline at the end of May in order to relaunch as part of a network of cryptocurrency partnerships known as Decentralized Conglomerate

“While the plan for CCEDK is to create an ecosystem that supports blossoming start-ups with blockchain-powered security and built-in marketing support, the greater goal is to establish an engine that truly reflects what the market wants, and puts capital where the market demands. The Decentralized Conglomerate will help accelerate industry through a coordinated Enterprise secured by the blockchain – but is ultimately powered and driven by its people.” said CCEDK CEO Ronny Boesing.

The company states that proliferation of bitcoin services means that exchanges have to offer added value to attract and retain customers. Such added value includes wallet services, liquidity, leverage, trading tools and a combination of such facilities. Different elements of the crypto world are coming together into a single hub so that users have everything they need under one roof.

“CCEDK will relaunch on 1 July with a redesigned website and a new set of services, including escrow facilities, crowdfunding, marketing and even issuance of assets on behalf of interested parties. While the company will keep the same acronym, it will now be called ‘Crypto-Coins Enterprise Denmark’. The CCEDK portal will act as the investment knowledge hub for the Decentralized Conglomerate, which currently includes Openledger, Obits, BitTeaser and other blockchain-based projects”, CCEDK said.

CCEDK is a Danish cryptocurrency exchange platform.