Bitcoin Media Outlet Loses CEO Rob Dicker To Washington Post

Job Appointments | February 2, 2019 By: CEO Jarrod Dicker has been named the Washington Post’s VP of commercial technology and development. uses bitcoin to improve monetization and discovery for content creators.

Dicker will step down as CE, with David Turner, the head of product, taking over the position. The move marks a return to the Post by Dicker, who previously led the paper’s innovation group. His return will see him responsible for driving innovation in revenue strategies across the company’s operations.

In his leave-taking announcement, Dicker claimed had a strong year, but failed to meet expectations. “We built a team that aimed to drive at 100 mph all the time. We’ve found that this has been the core component of our success but has also humbled us. The reality is that we’re facing a long road to adoption.”

Dicker joined in February 2018.