Bitcoin Mini Team releases Bitcoin Mini v 1.0

Announcements | October 19, 2015 By:

Bitcoin Mini Team announced the release of the Bitcoin Mini v 1.0, a plug-and-play bitcoin full node. Their aim with the Mini is to provide a simple solution enabling customers to manage, interact with, and support the decentralization of bitcoin.

The team said when they started the Mini project, there were no simple, affordable, standalone full nodes for consumers on the market. Their key insight was seeing the need for a “set it and forget it” way to strengthen the network and cast a vote for decentralization. They bootstrapped the project, creating a full stack of software including a growing personal bitcoin API running on the built-in server.

The team has plans to offer similar products for most major cryptocurrencies. They are proud of the comparibility of this product to other comparable projects that have raised over $100 million.

The Mini enters the market providing beginners or power users just the right combination of hardware and software. The team is offering a pre-order discounted price of $149.