Bitcoin Mining Farm in Norway May Be Shut Down Due To Noise Complaints

News | August 23, 2018 By:

Days after receiving bomb threats, Norway-based crypto mining firm Kryptovault is now at risk of being shut down by the local municipality.

KryptoVault specializes in large scale cryptocurrency mining, and data center services, which consists of providing, installing, hosting, and maintaining hardware. The comapany claims that its facilities are powered with green and clean Norwegian energy sources from hydro- and wind-powered turbines.

According to news outlet The Local, one of Kryptovault’s bitcoin mining facilities at a former paper mill north of Oslo, Norway may have to suspend its operations due to regulatory problems and noise pollution complaints. The facility reportedly uses up to 40 megawatts of power to drive 9,500 computers.

The residents complained that the huge fans that are required to cool down the facilty’s mining rigs generate too much noise and have become a nuisance. One local resident, Trond Gulestø, said that “our summer has been ruined,” explaining that the farm generates noise “24 hours a day, 365 days a year.”

Besides the noise complaints, the local municipality has determined that the facility lacks the required permissions, and has been operating illegally. Arne Hellum, who handles construction cases for the nearby Ringerike municipality, said that the local government may force Kryptovault to shut down its miners temporarily until it receives the required permits.

Stig Myrseth, CEO of Kyprovault, said that before it started operations in the facility in question, the company had been told that all its permits were in order. He added that Kyprovault has now applied for the missing permits and is investing in noise-reduction equipment, which should reduce the noise from today’s 60 decibels to below 45 decibels.

Last week, Kryptovault received a bomb threat after a local paper reported on its work. “This is sabotage. If you are expanding crypto mining and filling the country with noise, then you will be sabotaging the peace. I am threatening to send you some explosives,” the bomb threat read.

After the bomb threat was received, Gjermund Hagesaeter, Kryptovault’s managing director, immediately informed local police and warned employees to be extra vigilant about going on with their duties.

“The threat has been reported to the police and these are also taking the whole issue very seriously indeed,” Hagesaeter said. “We have also asked the police to assess whether any further action needs to be taken. The facility at Follum is located in a fenced area, so it would be difficult for any intruder to gain access but the one at Dale is far more accessible so we have warned everyone to be on their toes.”