Crypto Naysayers Missing Biggest Blockchain Story Of The Year

Opinion | December 8, 2018 By:

The sharp decline in the price of cryptocoins has spurred an outpouring of commentary from columnists and academics who — suspicious of the asset class all along — now feel vindicated. But their focus on falling prices this year is just as foolhardy as the evangelists focus on gains last year, and somewhat misses the point. The biggest blockchain headline of 2018 isn’t that prices have crashed, but that adoption has accelerated throughout the decline.

Among the entrepreneurs and developers building out the technology, there is a growing sense of satisfaction that an industry primarily known for its hypothetical promise is finally starting to deliver. If you can manage to look past sensational stories of “who lost how much in Bitcoin,” what you’ll find are far more interesting stories on adoption and implementation. Whereas 2017 was the year of whether, 2018 is going out as the year of when and how.

This is an important shift, despite ongoing challenges.[MORE]