BitMedia.IO announces launch after receiving $100,000 investment

Investing | June 17, 2015 By:

On Monday, June 15, BitMedia.IO announced the launch of a new Bitcoin advertising platform after receiving a $100,000 investment.

BitMedia.IO was created to not only fill the need for a professional advertising service in the Bitcoin ecosystem, but also to expand the Bitcoin community and become its integral part. The project was made possible owing to the investments made by the CEO of BitMedia.IO and a private angel investor.

The main difference between BitMedia.IO and other Bitcoin advertising networks is that BitMedia.IO has been built from scratch by the passionate and experienced team. They have many years of professional experience in both advertising and Bitcoin industries.

BitMedia.IO is on the cutting edge of Bitcoin advertising with many plans to expand in the future. The company’s mission is to provide Bitcoin users with up to date information regarding new services and facilities, committed to the growth of Bitcoin as a fundamentally disruptive technology.