Bitseed announces open-sourcing of its new plug-in node

Announcements | May 12, 2015 By:

On Wednesday, May 6, Bitseed announced it is open-sourcing the creation of its new plug-in node.

“The Bitseed Assembly community is our way of trying to make open-source development sustainable, and to financially support the open-source software that runs on Bitseed,” said Bitseed co-founder John Light.

The company, which launched its first node in March, is asking contributors to help evolve its product by completing tasks and solving bounties in exchange for rewards.

Light added, when the project earns revenue, the revenue is distributed proportionally to all coin holders. Our current pledge to coin holders in the Bitseed Assembly community is to give them $1 for each Bitseed [node] sold.

Bitseed is a personal cloud platform for people who want to keep control of their data and applications.