Bitstamp starts new investment campaign on BnkToTheFuture

Investing | December 9, 2016 By:

Bitstamp has launched an investment initiative on online investment platform BnkToTheFuture to obtain US$1.2 million in funding at a $60 million valuation.

“As Bitstamp has invested heavily to be fully licensed we are now focused on growth and product development. We see opportunity to get to the next level by relatively small investment. This investment need is probably too small for an established VC fund. Therefore we decided to invite qualifying investors to take a stake in Bitstamp on the investment platform. We do not see this as a Crowdsale as it is directed to qualified investors only,” said Vasja Zupan, Chief Operating Officer at Bitstamp.

Bitstamp received its first major investment two years ago to the tune of USD 10 million in seed funding from venture capitalist Pantera Capital. Now, after having spent heavily on obtaining its licence, the time has now come to press on. The funds raised in this round of investment will be used to accelerate the development of further products in the fully compliant and regulated environment afforded by the licence. The ultimate goal for the exchange is then to continue giving its customers and other stakeholders a reliable and easy-to-use global service for trading cryptocurrencies and digital assets under one roof.

Bitstamp is a European Union-based bitcoin marketplace.