Bitwage launches its payroll service in Europe

FinTech | April 21, 2016 By:

Bitwage has announced the launch of its Bitwage Payroll service for Individuals (BPI) in Europe.

The service launch follows Bitwage’s success in the United States. BPI allows users to receive their wages in various digital currencies, fiat currencies and commodities including bitcoin, Euros, gold and silver. The system is compatible with existing payroll systems, including ADP and Intuit and delivers payments at same or next day payout speeds.

“In 2015, the European Union had a higher GDP than the United States. With our launch in the European Union, contractors and freelancers all over the world will have a much easier way to receive their wages abroad from one of the largest economic zones in the world. All without the friction involved in trying to convince clients to change their payment solutions,” said Bitwage founder and president Jonathan Chester.

Bitwage is a San Francisco-based bitcoin payroll service company.