Blockchain Academy Launched By Crypto Exchange Binance

Blockchain, Education | August 15, 2018 By:

Crypto exchange Binance will be launching an educational initiative with the aim of fostering a wider understanding of blockchain technology.

The company created an open access learning hub, known as Binance Academy, to tackle the challenge of the currently fragmented blockchain and crypto knowledge base available on the Internet. The platform will provide a one-stop-shop for relevant educational articles and videos. Topics will include blockchain, coins & tokens, Binance, security, and trading.

“Binance Academy’s mission is to proliferate knowledge about the power of blockchain and cryptocurrencies,” said Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao. “By offering comprehensive and easily accessible educational content to onboard the world, one video view and one article read at a time. We have taken great care in adopting a platform that is open for both consumers and producers of contents. Users are free to suggest new topics they would like to learn about and also submit their work for review and sharing alongside Binance produced contents on Academy.”

To adapt to the fast-moving nature of the crypto and blockchain industry, the curriculum at the academy will be continuously expanded to reflect real-world scenarios and strategies. The platform will also allow users to bookmark the Glossary as a companion to navigate through the jargons of the fast emerging economy.

“The most elementary building block of revolution, after all, is knowledge,” said Zhao. “Given global reach and inherent advanced nature of users we have attained through the Binance ecosystem, we have the responsibility of propagating blockchain and crypto knowledge to the rest of the world. We aim to provide universal accessibility, comprehensiveness, and easy to use online learning experience with Binance Academy.”

Earlier this week, a similar blockchain initiative was launched in the Philippines. The Ateneo de Manila University, the third-oldest university in the Philippines, teamed with MediXServe to build the first university-based blockchain research laboratory in the country. Called AMBER Laboratory, the new lab will support the introduction of blockchain technologies in developing countries. It will serve as a think tank, research center and an incubation center for blockchain-based startups.