Blockchain Accelerator Technology Announced By Samsung SDS

Blockchain, News | February 15, 2019 By:

Samsung SDS, the Internet technology solutions unit of Samsung Group, has developed its own blockchain accelerator technology designed to boost transaction processing speed.

During the IBM Think 2019 conference, Samsung SDS announced its new accelerator technology, called Nexledger Accelerator, which is expected to significantly improve the performance of Hyperledger Fabric, an open source cross-industry blockchain technology created by IBM.

“In order to improve transaction processing speed, which is a key consideration in applying blockchain technology, Samsung SDS has developed its own Nexledger Accelerator, which can be applied to Hyperledger Fabric,” Samsung said. “Samsung SDS tested the Nexledger Accelerator in Hyperledger Fabric last December and found that the transaction processing speed was significantly improved.”

The Korean company said that it will share Nexledger Accelerator’s technology roadmap and testing kit in GitHub to allow easy access to outside developers.

“As a contributor to Hyperledger Fabric, Samsung SDS is working to improve fabric capabilities and actively contributing its new “Accelerator” code to the open source community,” Samsung said.

In addition, Samsung SDS said that it will prepare to become IBM’s key go-to-market reseller partner of IBM blockchain platform in Korea. Ted Kim, Vice President, Blockchain Team from Samsung SDS America, has been named to the IBM Blockchain Board of Advisors.