Blockchain Adult Entertainment Site VogoV Brings Interaction and Anonymity

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The adult entertainment business has long been a place where technology gains its first mass market toehold. Now VogoV hopes to bring decentralization in the decision-making process by using its OGO coin to create a studio.

OGO coin holders are able to vote on the filmmaking process on a platform that is decentralized, transparent, and most important, anonymous. Every token holder will be able to vote on the content to be filmed, on scenarios, on participating actresses and actors, and on other aspects within the voting charter.

While transaction will be recorded on the blockchain, the information will not be traced to a specific individual, the company claims.

VogoV is founded by Markus Dupree who won 7 AVN awards (the so-calked ‘Oscars of Porn’) and Ivan Kirillov, who is an adult entertainment business veteran. The head of video production is Jonni Darkko who has over 20 years of experience as a former male performer and a director for over 180 porn videos. Darko was inducted into the AVN Hall of Fame in 2016. Finally, the head of software development and investment is the mysterious Constantine, who goes by one name only and answered some Block Tribune questions about the project.

BLOCK TRIBUNE:  Walk me through how this would work for a token-holder.

CONSTANTINE:  A token holder can use OGO coin for 3 purposes:
1. to save money, because OGO coin gives 3 times cheaper access to,, and other partners, who will be announced later;
2. to participate in the decision-making process of VogoV video production;
3. to pay for porn-related goods and services anonymously and securely.

BLOCK TRIBUNE: Hasn’t this been tried before with CD-ROM and video streaming? What’s new, beyond the token?

CONSTANTINE:  The concept of a decentralized, interactive porn studio is completely brand new. The idea that a porn studio’s decision-making process is held by fans has existed a long time, but only now with VogoV has this come true. Our model of interaction between the studio and fans is brand new.

BLOCK TRIBUNE:  You’ll comply with all US laws. So I take it that snuff films and S&M are out of bounds?

CONSTANTINE: Legislature and judicial branches determine what is out of bounds. We will abide by those laws.

BLOCK TRIBUNE:  It’s said that the Golden Rule is that he who has the most gold,rules. Is that essentially how this works? The person putting up the most tokens gets to decide?

CONSTANTINE:  This is not pre-defined. Such rules will be adopted within the voting charter. Our token holders will adopt it.

BLOCK TRIBUNE:  Won’t this elongate shoot times by several hours? What about script coherence?

CONSTANTINE:  No this will not affect shooting time. The scripts cannot be incoherent, because the entry data/limitations/requirements for script formation are set by the studio, according to the voting charter. There will be no such a scenario that cannot be produced except a force majeure.

BLOCK TRIBUNE: Where will the shoots take place?

CONSTANTINE: The content production for is located only in the USA. Most of the movies will be produced in Southern California.

BLOCK TRIBUNE :You have several sites –  VogoV, TeenMegaWorld, TmwVRnet and other sites – what are these?  And what is the merchant site?

CONSTANTINE: VogoV, TeenMegaWorld, TmwVRnet are adult websites with exclusive content.  The merchant is a product of OgoShift. The merchant is a payment system that enables businesses to accept cryptocurrency.

BLOCK TRIBUNE: Give me the ICO details – when, how long, what is the breakdown between the circulating coins and how many you’ll retain?

CONSTANTINE:  Pre-Crowdsale: August 21 – 31; First Crowdsale Round: September 26 – November 14, 2018; Second Crowdsale Round (it can be renounced): January 26 – March 14, 2019.

Token Distribution:

Token Sale: 76%
Ecosystem Development: 13.3%
The company: 4%
Founders: 3%
Team: 3%
Community Campaigns: 0.7%

BLOCK TRIBUNE: Will performers and crew get paid in fiat or crypto?

CONSTANTINE: Performers are paid in fiat. Team members are paid in both fiat and crypto.
The answer to this question depends on 1) regulation 2) what an individual prefers to get paid in.