Blockchain/AI Platform DeepBrain Chain To Start AI Token Exchange

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DeepBrain Chain, an A.I. computing platform powered by blockchain, will be launching its DeepToken Exchange in October. The project claims to be the world’s first digital asset exchange solely dedicated to AI-related tokens.

DeepToken will also issue its own token, DPT, and allow holders to vote on which A.I.-related tokens should be listed on DeepToken and other community affairs.

DeepBrain Chain CEO Yong He (who will also lead DeepToken) has said that DeepToken is intended to build a funding channel for AI companies, as well as a forum for support and direction on their projects. For context, DeepBrain Chain has deep pockets and AI experts, and is eager to foment an A.I.-centric token ecosystem, which it claims will lower the cost of AI training, so that any startup can enter the field.

Yong He talked with Block Tribune about the project.

BLOCK TRIBUNE:  How and who will evaluate tokens for the exchange?

YONG HE:  The core goal of DeepToken’s voting-to-mine mechanism is to find quality digital assets in the AI industry by using AI experts and practitioners to screen projects.

In the first three months after the exchange goes live, each week the community will vote for one project to be listed; after three months the frequency and number of projects listed will depend on the quality and amount of applications.

Projects listed on the Main Board are voted by the AI community; for the Institutional Trading Board, any institutions with over 100 million DPT holdings can apply to be listed, and the AI community will vote to decide who to list (a maximum of 10 institutions can be listed at once). Each season will see the re-election of the Institutional Trading Board.

BLOCK TRIBUNE: Who will be part of this voting community?

YONG HE:  AI Leaders and AI practitioners. AI leaders are elected from AI practitioners group, election happens once a week and a maximum of 50 people can be AI leaders at once.

AI practitioners include: AI companies’ C-level staff, investors in the AI field, AI professors, AI researchers, developers, and product managers (all of whom must undergo KYC via DeepBrain Chain’s official website).

BLOCK TRIBUNE: What forms of payments for the tokens will be online?

YONG HE: There is no listing fee for the tokens that will be listed on DeepToken. Current transaction pairs on DeepToken are USDT, ETH and BTC.

BLOCK TRIBUNE: How many tokens do you anticipate at startup being available?

YONG HE: At the moment, DeepBrain Chain team has invested in two AI+blockchain projects: OneGame and EtainPower. DeepToken’s mission is to discover quality AI projects. DeepToken’s team has in-depth understanding of the AI industry, they are experts and specialists from the AI and blockchain industries, and we believe that the DeepToken team will discover more quality AI projects. We have one internal project incubated on DeepBrain Chain preparing and another project in the pipeline as well for listing on DPT.

BLOCK TRIBUNE:  How will this ecosystem lower the cost of AI training?

YONG HE:  We believe that the core of an AI exchange is to discover outstanding digital assets from the AI industry, in terms of generating a return on AI industry investments.

BLOCK TRIBUNE:  Will there be anyone in charge of the exchange? Or will everything be totally decentralized?

YONG HE:  The DeepToken Foundation will be in charge of the exchange. DeepToken has set up the DeepToken Foundation in Singapore. The main task of the foundation is to run the DeepToken platform openly, fairly, transparently, without profitable purpose, and to deeply support the development team. Huobi Cloud offers DeepToken a complete technical solution to ensure technical security of the platform.

BLOCK TRIBUNE:  Will there be customer service?

YONG HE:  The marketing department is responsible for promoting the core or derivative products and services of DeepToken. Huobi will offer the customer service of DPT platform and DeepToken Foundation will offer these staff the necessary training for the product.