Blockchain Alliance Planned By Taiwan’s National Development Council

Blockchain, News | March 27, 2019 By:

Taiwan’s National Development Council (NDC) is planning to form a blockchain alliance.

NDC is the policy-planning agency of Taiwan. NDC combined the former Council for Economic Planning and Development, former Research, Development and Evaluation Commission, part of the Public Construction Commission and part of the former Data Management Processing Center of the Directorate General of Budget, Accounting and Statistics.

Speaking at the Smart City Summit & Expo in Taipei on Tuesday, NDC Minister Chen Mei-ling said that the agency will launch a blockchain alliance in three months. She added that the agency had already consulted several other government departments as well as experts and academics to define the mission of the alliance.

Mei-ling believes that Taiwan could play a leading role in the development of blockchain technology and its implementation to enhance public governance. She said that blockchain has the potential to improve food safety and help the Council of Agriculture establish a “resume” for food products to trace their origin.

Last year, Yang Chin-long, Taiwan’s central bank governor, said in a speech that the bank will consider utilizing blockchain to improve the safety and efficiency of the electronic payment system in Taiwan. He added that Taiwan was evaluating the capabilities of blockchain technologies and do not intend to prohibit them in any way.