Blockchain and Crypto Can Power Your Self-Improvement Journey

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Your average consumer is most likely to hear the word “cryptocurrency” and think of Bitcoin or Ethereum, but cryptos are on their way to becoming mainstream, finding application in any number of industries. One of the more recent and creative implementations of crypto and blockchain is in the self-improvement/health and wellness space.

There are a number of avenues into that market for cryptos and blockchain technology – automation, personalization, security, monetization and more.

For instance, health and self-improvement are extremely personal; whether you’re pursuing mindfulness, growing out your hair, trying to have a baby, or trying to build up your core strength, the path you take might be different from someone else’s. However, blockchain and crypto tokens can actually help personalize the experience you have with tools on that journey.

There are a million digital tools out there promising to help you lose those last few pounds or monitor your heart health, but they can’t all boast the personalization features of one powered by blockchain. The best way to personalize anything is by stating specific preferences, but privacy concerns could make some users hesitant to provide such personal details in an app or platform. Blockchain enables a level of security once reserved for government agencies and global conglomerations, keeping personal health information protected within consumer platforms.

The lifestyle space is also heavily influencer-driven, as people are more likely to trust in real life successes and results over marketing messages, and that’s actually a great thing for anyone on a self-improvement journey because it means access. Cryptocurrencies have the potential to decentralize the wellness market and allow those who are interested in sharing tips and ideas to do so and be rewarded for it. That becomes a win-win for both the providers of that guidance, and those who need it but might not have the budget for professional therapists, trainers, nutritionists, etc.

By powering any marketplace with blockchain and cryptocurrency, you open up a larger flow of ideas, making resources available to the point where everyone has information, tools and support that fits their unique needs, and without gatekeeping it behind high costs. Decentralization ultimately leads to sharing and community, which is extremely important in the self-improvement world where support often paves the path to results. But that is not to say that there aren’t plenty of opportunities to make money.

In addition to rewards rewards/payment for contribution of content or resources, lifestyle, health and wellness tokens are like any utility token in that they can be treated like investments. Typically those tokens are issued as rewards for participating on and promoting a marketplace or platform, and become more valuable as demand for them increases. The more people who choose to manage their wellness via the platform and invest in it themselves, the more valuable the tokens become.

The benefits of blockchain and cryptos to health and wellness don’t stop there.

You can also use it to help gamify self-improvement, encouraging healthy activities such as exercise, meditation, nutritious food choices and a proper amount of sleep, by rewarding them with utility tokens. Often the extra incentive can help push users to take the next step toward their goals. In addition to the prize of personal enrichment and the satisfaction of achievement, you accumulate tokens, which can be reinvested in the platform and “spent” on goods and services within the marketplace.

Blockchain also incorporates a unique “mirror image” feature, which allows users to input their personal health data to create an avatar that essentially lets them visualize their goals and their progress and serves as a great motivation tool. It’s a popular and useful feature but the information input needed to deliver it has to be given the utmost level of privacy and security, provided by…you guessed it, blockchain.

Soon enough, every aspect of our lives will be influenced by blockchain technology and cryptocurrency because it creates more opportunity for idea exchange and in general tends to make things work more efficiently. Why not take advantage of those benefits to aid whatever journey of self-improvement you may be on? By choosing blockchain and crypto-powered tools and platforms you’ll be able to access the information and support that meet your unique need and contribute to a community that helps each other reach their goals for overall well-being.

About the Author:

Milan Cheeks is the founder of Symbol, Inc., a platform that combines AI, Blockchain and E-commerce to promote a healthier culture. This spring, Milan is launching SELF – a personal enhancement software and app that helps users become a better version of themselves by giving them a step-by-step guide to reach their desired personal or professional goals. Before founding Symbol, Inc., Milan worked as a top New York City realtor with Nest Seekers International and Hecht Group Real Estate.