Blockchain And SEO: Some Rules And Tactics For Boosting Traffic

News | February 16, 2019 By:

Search engine optimization is one of the biggest traffic drivers for any business, even in the decentralized world of blockchain and cryptocurrency. But understanding its rules and benefits is a somewhat murky task.

Chris Rodgers, CEO of Colorado SEO Pros, answered a few Block Tribune questions on the process.

BLOCK TRIBUNE: How often do the rules for SEO change?

CHRIS RODGERS: The algorithms change constantly, but the larger SEO requirements and objectives stay pretty much the same over time. Strategies need to evolve constantly to achieve those objectives.

BLOCK TRIBUNE: What’s the biggest mistake most companies are making in their SEO?

CHRIS RODGERS: Trying to address SEO as an add-on marketing channel instead of integrating into overall marketing processes and planning.

BLOCK TRIBUNE: What’s more important – keywords, backlinks, relevancy, or something else?

CHRIS RODGERS: All of those.  Content is key and keyword targeting is important among a host of other on-page factors. Backlinks are still very important but the nuances can either increase rankings, waste your time, or get you penalized.  Relevancy across content and links is key, matching user intent with appropriate content and solutions is even more critical.

BLOCK TRIBUNE: What’s your opinion of paid traffic as a way to boost SEO?

CHRIS RODGERS:  Paid traffic doesn’t truly “boost” SEO, but can create opportunities for cross-channel conversions.  SEO & PPC work well together and can produce additional leads from multi-channel conversions.

BLOCK TRIBUNE: If you’re a blockchain or cryptocurrency company, should those words always be in a headline on your releases?

CHRIS RODGERS: No, there should be a well-thought out SEO strategy around what terms to target and how. Just adding this into your content could results in a negative outcome.

BLOCK TRIBUNE:  Do companies that are successful in SEO farm out those duties, or do they use in-house specialists?

CHRIS RODGERS: There is usually a combination of professional outsourced help (like an SEO agency), working in combination with in-house marketers, writers, designers, and web developers to execute the overall SEO strategy.

BLOCK TRIBUNE: Who is most important on the SEO team – the writer, the editor, the webmaster who lays out a site, someone else?

CHRIS RODGERS: The most important is the agency or lead SEO strategist, however this person (or group) cannot be successful without the contributions from the other teams (marketing, IT, design, etc).