Blockchain Association Formed In Mexico

Blockchain, Group | November 30, 2018 By:

A group of financial and blockchain firms have joined forces to establshed Mexico’s first blockchain assocition.

Called the Blockchain Association of Mexico, the group includes Mexico’s newest stock exchange BIVA, financial group GBM, crypto trading platforms Bitso and Volabit, Lvna Capital, blockchain firm ConsenSys and Exponent Capital. These companies will work together to educate and promote the use of blockchain technology, to create a community of reference for safety standards and to implement better practices and quality standards in areas such as cybersecurity, initial coin offerings (ICO), and against money laundering.

“Blockchain technology has the objective of creating more transparent, safe and efficient procedures,” said Felipe Vallejo, provisional president of the Blockhain Association of Mexico. “We want to establish industry standards and robust legal framework before the technology becomes a massive tool in the country.”

While the association currently has seven members, it is open for any entity and organization. The association said they “want to generate a space for discussion and public policy. We want everyone to be able to present their ideas.”

Pablo González, Bitso’s co-founder, said that blockchain technology has the ability to radically change the trust systems around the world.

“Blockchain, as a disruptive technology, allows to globalize and democratize these trust systems, giving anyone the possibility to access them,” González said.