Blockchain-Based Prescription Management Platform Introduced By ScriptAssist Pharmacy

Blockchain, Innovation, News | June 25, 2019 By:

ScriptAssist Pharmacy (SAPh), a wholly-owned subsidiary pharmacy technology company ScriptAssist Holdings, has introduced a new blockchain-based prescription management platform.

SAPh is an online and retail pharmacy that provides a medication management and compliance platform, by providing patients and their caregivers the easiest, safest and most convenient way of managing prescriptions, vitamins and supplements. They pre-pack and manage doses with their easy to use pouch management system.

The company claims that its new prescription management platform is the first patient-facing blockchain-based platform in the PharmTech sector. The platform reportedly helps protect the privacy of its prescription data, which can be shared securely and privately between doctors and pharmacists with built-in security and transparency, via the blockchain, for authorized users.

“Patient data and privacy are our priority,” said Jason Owens, CEO and managing partner of ScriptAssist Holdings. “We understand the importance of keeping our patient’s prescription data safe and secure, and we go the extra mile to help protect the privacy of our patient’s medical data through HIPAA compliance and through our technology platform.”

Using the platform, patients will be able to manage medical prescriptions, vitamins and supplements.

“We have an opportunity to scale thoughtfully due to the foundation of a strong technology core that will give patients the confidence they are managing their medication regimen safely and securely,” said Bob Leland, COO and managing partner of ScriptAssist Holdings.