Blockchain Beer? I’ll Drink To That, Say Canadian Companies

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Alberta-based companies Hamill Farms, Canada Malting Co. (a GrainCorp company), Red Shed Malting and Last Best Brewing & Distilling have teamed up with TE-FOOD to deliver  “Bock Chain” — a new beer officially launching on February 1st — using blockchain technology to trace the beer grain ingredients from field to can.

 The solution allows consumers to follow the way Bock Chain was produced. The barley was grown and harvested at Hamill Farms in Penhold, Canada then traveled to Canada Malting Company in Calgary Canada for malting, then to a third-party lab for quality assurance, on to Red Shed Malting in Penhold for roasting and finally to Last Best Brewing & Distilling in Calgary for brewing and packaging.

All events in the supply chain are registered on the FoodChain. This project shows the way to beverage producers that supply chain transparency is the way forward. As growing demand is shown by the consumers, progressive food companies can take the necessary steps to provide information beyond the basics on the physical label.

Newsfeed of the beer

Beside the food safety aspect, the Bock Chain project has another advancement. Usually, farm-to-table traceability applications show just data (timestamps, locations, IDs). While these are important information pieces for food safety, the project participants wanted to go beyond that.

They wanted a more modern, richer user experience, where consumers can get a lot of visual information as well as insights of the beer production process.

The presentation resembles to the Facebook newsfeed, which people are familiar with.

Timelapse videos about cultivation and harvesting by Kakaxi cameras, inspection result document by SGS, process descriptions and photos about malting, roasting and brewing bring the Bock Chain beer closer to the visitor.

A project with the help of TERRA Accelerator and GrainCorp

TE-FOOD was selected to joinTERRA Food & AgTech Accelerator’s program in September, 2018. Australian commodity giant GrainCorp, as one of the partner corporations of the accelerator program chose TE-FOOD to create a blockchain based traceability pilot project with its Canadian subsidiary, Canada Malting Company. Canada Malting involved its partners, Hamill Farms, Red Shed, and Last Best to create a whole chain experience.

 TE-FOOD is the world’s largest publicly accessible, farm-to-table fresh food traceability solution. Started in 2016, it serves 6000+ business customers, and handles 400,000 business transactions each day.