Blockchain Builder OpenCrowd Partners With Regulatory Compliance Engine Securrency

Announcements, FinTech, Innovation, Investing | October 14, 2018 By:

OpenCrowd, a design and technology services firm focused on the development of blockchain solutions, has partnered with Securrency, a global financial services technology infrastructure and products company.

Securrency has utilized OpenCrowd’s custom blockchain business solutions to extend their platform across a number of new ledgers. This advance enables Securrency’s regulatory compliance engine to support tokenization and trading of securities across distributed ledger technologies.

“Securrency needed to rapidly expand their platform to connect a wide variety of blockchain and distributed technology networks within the financial industry, a space our team specializes in,” said Sushil Prabhu, CEO of OpenCrowd. “In order to deliver on their vision we built customized, compliant gateways for the company’s tokenization and secondary trading platform to ensure its customers can easily move value from one place to another.”

“The OpenCrowd team is at the forefront of development and innovation for blockchain technology,” said Dan Doney, CEO and Co-Founder of Securrency. “We’re working to enable an open and regulated global ecosystem for digital assets and OpenCrowd is an instrumental partner in helping us to achieve that goal.”

OpenCrowd is focused on the center of the blockchain solution ecosystem. Originally an open-source solution for several top finance firms, the company has since become a path for businesses looking to implement blockchain solutions. The company offers its clients a custom end-to-end solution (from designing the UX and architecting for scale, to building and launching the solution).