Blockchain Citizen Cards Planned By South Korean City Of Seoul

Blockchain, News | May 21, 2019 By:

Park Won-Soon, the mayor of South Korea’s capital Seoul, has announced that the city will launch blockchain initiatives as part of of Seoul’s smart city implementation plan.

During the Korea Future Forum (KFF) 2019 & Blockchain Tech Show, Park reported Seoul’s achievements in embracing major technologies, including blockchain and artificial intelligence (AI). According to the mayor, the city has already provided blockchain-based administrative services, including mobile-based voting system and car sales.

As part of the city’s blockchain initiative, Park revealed that the city will be launching blockchain-based Seoul citizen cards, which will provide citizens with “easy access to various administrative services.”

“We will implement a blockchain integrated authentication system in Seoul citizen’s card and expand the base for easy access to various administrative services,” Park said. “Seoul city will make the leap into the world’s best “smart city” that will transform the paradigm of urban administration based on innovative technologies such as blockchain and big data.”

In February of this year, the Seoul Metropolitan Government announced that it would invest 1.2 trillion won ($1B USD) in FinTech and blockchain startups by 2022. The city also formed the Seoul Blockchain Governance Team to explore the potential of blockchain in administrative services.