Blockchain Cloud Computing Platform Oasis Labs Raises $45M USD Led By A16z Crypto

Blockchain, Investing, News | July 10, 2018 By:

Blockchain startup Oasis Labs has raised $45 million in its first round of funding led by Andreessen Horowitz’s new A16z crypto fund. Other investors included Accel, Binance, DCVC (Data Collective), Electric Capital, Foundation Capital, Gaorong, Metastable, Pantera, Polychain, among others.

Oasis Labs is building a privacy-first, high-performance cloud computing platform on blockchain. Its integrated hardware-software technologies aim to enable cloud-scale, real-world applications, including machine learning, for the first time on blockchain. To power those applications, the Oasis platform embodies two core values. The first is bringing privacy and security protections previously not possible on a blockchain. The second is delivering processing capabilities that have orders of magnitude greater performance than existing systems, even for complex applications.

“Blockchains are poised to revolutionize much of the way we live, but many developers and organizations have understandable concerns about performance and privacy limitations that are currently hindering their ability to embrace the technology,” said Dr. Dawn Song, CEO of Oasis Labs. “The Oasis platform aims to help users leverage and reclaim control over their data, and at the same time deliver superior performance and privacy capabilities. Our goal is to build the scalable and secure decentralized Internet that puts users first.”

Oasis Labs is now inviting developers to use their private testnet for the development of their own apps.

“Our team has been hard at work building the platform for blockchain’s most meaningful applications,” said Oasis Labs co-founder and CTO Raymond Cheng. “The next step is getting our product in the hands of developers who align with our mission and can help inform the evolution of the platform as they build applications upon it. We can’t wait to show them what we’ve been up to.”