Blockchain Collaborative Consortium launches in Japan

Group | May 2, 2016 By:

A group of 34 financial and technology companies has launched Japan’s first blockchain trade association.

The Blockchain Collaborative Consortium, which is designed to educate the public on researching, developing, and investing in blockchain technology, includes a wide range of companies ranging from Microsoft Japan to Brooklyn-based ConsenSys, as well as a variety of established Japanese technology companies and startups.

“We will coordinate with other blockchain organizations around the world. We will bring home what we learn from overseas, and as a leading country of blockchain technology, we will disseminate our expertise and experience globally,” the organization said.

The organization plans to become a general incorporated association by the end of the year, as it is now registered as a voluntary organization. The first Board Meeting is to take place in May, while the first General Meeting will be held in late June.