Blockchain Crowdfunding Platform Launched By Nonprofit And Blockchain Veterans

Blockchain, News | November 21, 2018 By:

A group of nonprofit, blockchain, and crowdfunding veterans have joined forces to launch a new blockchain crowdfunding platform.

The platform, called Whirl, was officially launched after years of research and after a year and a half of development with thorough legal vetting as the market’s first credible blockchain-powered consumer crowdfunding platform. Whirl is co-founded by Roel Wolfert, COO at Transtrack International and former Senior VP at VISA, Martijn Hekman, who has more than 20 years of experience leading global enterprises, especially in the nonprofit sector, and Valery Zobov, former CEO and founder of Megaline, a firm which distributes German engineering systems.

The Whirl platform aims to give people around the world a new way to finance their dreams and obligations, while introducing a revolutionary incentive system to encourage giving and maximize campaign success. The platform allows users to create a campaign after they’ve already contributed to other, inspiring a positive feedback loop of genorosity. It will also help nonprofit organizations by increasing their exposure and giving them access to an immediate new source of capital.

“Consumer crowdfunding was an original use case for blockchain technology, and today we realize its promise and potential with Whirl,” said co-founder Roel Wolfert, “But we didn’t stop there. Whirl is built to unite the world in mutual self-support and create a platform with real social impact that helps people realize their dreams.”

The platform’s point system called Karma eliminates the need for campaign creators to ship rewards or ask their friends and family for charitable donations. Karma maintains a fair and transparent queue and incentivizes giving to drive pay it forward, positive societal change.

“When you back a campaign on Whirl you earn Karma,” the company said. “Then when it’s your turn to create a campaign to realize your dream, your Karma determines when it goes live and how much it can raise. This pay it forward feedback loop was inspired by historic community giving pools. For every dollar-equivalent you spend backing a campaign, you earn 7-20 Karma points. You need to meet a Karma threshold to create a campaign of your own and your Karma balance determines when your campaign goes live and how much it can raise.”

Hekman said that as someone who’s led global humanitarian relief efforts in Syria, Iraq, and Afghanistan, he knows first hand how difficult it is for global nonprofits to receive and distribute aid.

“We built Whirl to help nonprofits and populations who’ve been left out of the crowdfunding revolution due to their geography and banking conditions,” Hekman said.

Initially, Whirl wiill support 12 different cryptocurrencies, including ADA, BTC, BCH, EOS, and ETH, along with the platform’s own WRL token. The platform currently has 3 live campaigns. The first is to fund a performance art and music show by acclaimed artist and provocateur, Sandra Kowalski. The second is to fund a personal expedition to conquer Mount Kilimanjaro. And third is to fund a unique fantasy video game that lets you wave your phone like a magic wand.