Blockchain eCommerce Marketplace Particl Adds Bryan Woods To Advisory Board

Job Appointments | November 18, 2019 By:

Particl, a blockchain-based private decentralized marketplace, has announced that Spend President Bryan Woods has joined its advisory board.

Particl, which was officially launched earlier this month, is a decentralized ecosystem of merchants and buyers that is centered around a native privacy-focused coin, called PART, that allows people to transact in total anonymity. The marketplace enables merchants to create their own stores quickly and efficiently by generating market keys and sharing them with consumers. The user marketplaces are not governed by Particl, which means they are verifiably 100% decentralized.

Woods has more than 18 years of experience in the technical and payment industries. His extensive expertise illustrates concentration with payment program portfolios as well as managing sizable, multifaceted development projects. His career began in web development for both Retail and Consumer Markets. His continued dedication to Customer Service in the technical and payments industries evolved into various Leadership positions such as the Director of Card Services overseeing programs in both US and Canada. Bryan has a vast understanding of financial services strategies and is passionate in bridging the variance between distributed ledger technology and traditional banking.

Woods will advise Particl on the opportunities to disrupt the FinTech industry that are currently being opened up by distributed ledger technology and how best to seize them. In addition, Woods will actively work on realizing these opportunities by tapping right into his vast network of merchants and businesses and connect them with Particl for its world-class technologies and decentralized services.

“Through his many years working right in the heart of the payment industry, Bryan has developed lasting relationships with many businesses who are currently looking for ways to implement distributed technologies in order to better protect their revenues and decrease their costs” said Gerlof van Ek, Co-Founder at Particl. “Bryan will be working closely with Particl to advise on the exact needs and requirements of these companies and actively help onboarding them with Particl’s wide array of decentralized services.”