Blockchain Encyclopedia Everipedia Opens European Office To Increase Worldwide Accessibility

Announcements, Education, News | October 5, 2018 By:

Everipedia, a blockchain-based online encyclopedia, has opened its first European office based in Stockholm, Sweden.

Launched in December 2014, Everipedia aims to “modernize, consolidate, and decentralize governance of the online encyclopedia.” It uses blockchain technology to reward users with “IQ” tokens for curating and editing articles. These tokens, in turn, will let users participate and vote on network governance issues. The platform went live on the EOS blockchain in August of this year.

In order to grow European traffic and community, and to be more accessible to users worldwide, Everipedia opened its second office in the Östermalm district of Stockholm. The Sweden office marks a milestone in Everipedia’s mission to decentralize the global knowledge economy.

“I’m proud to announce the expansion of Everipedia’s global footprint in my home country as we further our commitment to disrupting the world’s knowledge economy,” Everipedia co-founder and CEO Theodor Forselius said.

According to Eeverpedia, its website is a decentralized ‘fork’ of the renowned crowdsourced knowledge database Wikipedia. Everipedia is utilizing the IPFS/ storage to enable the entire database of information to be hosted entirely by the platform’s users, removing any single point of failure and preventing foreign governments from banning its citizens from accessing the platform.

“As our editorship and number of articles grows, so must our corporate presence,” said Everipedia Co-Founder and President Sam Kazemian. “We have very aggressive goals we’re trying to meet and to do so we must expand globally.”