Blockchain Energy Trader ImpactPPA Adds Dr. Michael Dorsey As Advisor

Job Appointments | March 9, 2018 By:

Blockchain energy trader ImpactPPA has added Dr. Michael Dorsey as an advisor. ImpactPPA leverages ethereum’s decentralized ledger to create smart power purchase agreements (PPA) which fuel the development of sustainable projects, such as building wind turbines or solar farms.

ImpactPPA plans to sell its MPQ Token for funding projects. ImpactPPA will also sell its GEN credit in local markets that will be used by consumers of the electricity generated by renewable energy systems. Among other functions, MPQ Token holders will be able to review and vote on proposed projects for funding by the company, giving the token-holding community a voice in the conversation about which projects should be funded.

Dan Bates, President and CEO of ImpactPPA believes that combining sustainable initiatives with blockchain’s decentralized philosophy and widespread accessibility will not only spark faster development of viable sustainable solutions, but will also alter the way in which consumers in general think about energy generation and consumption.

“Utilizing blockchain allows ImpactPPA access to new markets that were previously unreachable worldwide,” said Bates. “Our mobile payment processing system, connected to the blockchain, enables us to reach the unbanked populations of the world that would never have been afforded the benefits of electricity due to their off grid status. Now, we can set up distributed energy microgrids all over the world — safely and securely providing electricity and all the benefits that come with it.”

Dr. Michael Dorsey is a globally-recognized expert on energy, the environment, and sustainable solutions. He has a PhD in Natural Resources and Environmental Policy from the University of Michigan and more than two decades worth of policy guidance for organizations across the globe. He is a recipient of the Paul Harris Medal for Distinguished Service to Humanity. From 2010 to 2016, Dorsey was an appointed member of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s National Advisory Committee.

“We are thrilled to welcome Dr. Michael Dorsey to the ImpactPPA team. We are confident that his guidance will spark immense opportunities for ImpactPPA to hone in on optimal sustainable solutions that can create real and lasting impact among communities across the globe. We are excited to learn from him and work alongside him,” said Bates.

“Being introduced to ImpactPPA and how they have incorporated the use of the blockchain into a renewable energy installation was an eye-opener for me. Being able to manage clean energy generation all the way down to the individual user payment is a huge step forward in realizing deployments in the developing nations of the world. Having access to this technology and the open ledger will accelerate the growth of the clean energy industry and lend transparency to what has historically been a very difficult market to navigate,” said Dorsey.