Blockchain Festival Equinox Bills Itself As “Woodstock Of The Now”

Blockchain Festival Equinox Bills Itself As “Woodstock Of The Now”

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The Outside In EQUINOX Fall Festival is a music, art and sound and lighting festival that bills itself as the “Woodstock of the potential now,” and purports to be a revolutionary blockchain-driven festival.

Scheduled for Sept. 21-23 in the Santa Barbara mountains, the festival’s goal is “to unite and empower those who want to create a better world, to build a new economy by the people, for the people that banishes the central bank-controlled economy run by the .01 percent.”  To that end, speakers and workshops will run during the festival at Live Oak Campground.

The three-day event will introduce a cryptocurrency called Karmex (KMX), developed as part of the Karmaship project. 

In addition to the entertainment and workshops, Outside In EQUINOX festival will feature a cryptocurrency airdrop for Karmex and a ceremony during the autumn equinox on Saturday afternoon. Acts set for the festival include trap superstar Ookay and indie electronic sensation Shallou, as well as 1788-L, 29 Palms, Dr. Fresch, The Funk Hunters, Haywyre, Justin Jay, Oshi, Random Rab, and Sober Rob.

Block Tribune communed with festival co-founder Alfa Warrior (Mike Winner) on the plans for the event.

BLOCK TRIBUNE:  What type of people do you expect to attend?  WIll it be those already familiar and/or working in the industry?  Or will you attract mainly the curious?

MIKE WINNER:  The reason why we chose this event is because of the type of person who typically attends it.  For people not familiar with the “transformative music festival scene,” the easiest way to explain it is basically Woodstock 2.0 but with a lot more illumination and attention to things like alternative technologies, responsible partying and being stewards of the land.  Like the Woodstock of yesteryear, it attracts a lot of the “alternative” crowd and outsiders who refuse to play by the standard society rules.  We like this because we feel that these are the types of individuals who will really get what we are trying to accomplish with this new decentralized technology. While there will definitely be some industry people there, a great majority will require some education about the platform and what we are trying to achieve with it.

BLOCK TRIBUNE:  How did you select the acts/artists that are appearing? What was the criteria?

MIKE WINNER:  The artists are comprised of everyone from our own internal artists from the Outside In Collective to world-renowned artists within this festival space, as well as more mainstream electronic dance acts that will appeal to a larger audience. However, the criteria was that they ideally represent themselves as trues artists, masters of their craft and do it for the music and art—not the hype or money.  None of these artists are what you would consider mainstream EDM acts more typical with the EDC-style rave scene.  And many are very much into the more conscious elements of what music is and how it interacts with the fans experiencing it.

BLOCK TRIBUNE:  It seems like you’re attempting to meld an arts festival with a business conference. What are some of the topics you’ll address in the workshops?

MIKE WINNER: Well, ideally we would love for this event to develop into a full-fledged interactive educational experience that integrates new technologies like augmented reality, blockchain, alternative energy, etc. into the actual workshops, but this is a big vision and right now we are taking baby steps.  That being said, the speakers and workshops will be covering everything from permaculture design and alternative health practices to new cutting-edge technologies like our blockchain protocol and decentralized platform, Karmaship.

BLOCK TRIBUNE: Are you using a propriety blockchain for your coin? Or is it built on ethereum of some other existing platform?

MIKE WINNER: Currently, we are building the blockchain out in phases, which will result in our own proprietary chain.  But, like any true open-source project, we are taking elements from other well-established blockchains that have already spent the time and energy building out technologies that we can use. Some of these are NEM, Burst and QORA. We were very happy to team up with some very talented developers from the new QORA team who have years of experience writing custom blockchain code.  Many don’t know this, but QORA actually preceded Ethereum with things like the first smart contract and also cross chain atomic swaps (QORA to Burst for example).

BLOCK TRIBUNE: You’re not doing an ICO. How will you make money to fund the festival?

MIKE WINNER: Correct, we are not doing a traditional ICO. The festival itself is being funded in the usual, traditional manner.  We are selling tickets. The blockchain project is being funded by us—just ourselves. We have a team that truly believes in the technology we are building and are doing the work on a massive discount in terms of what is the industry standard these days. To be honest, we think it is kind of insane how much money these ICO’s raise to produce an Ethereum-based product, for example. There is some definite bloating, waste and greed going on that can often be detrimental to the success of a project. Our priority here is adoption, not owning lambos.

BLOCK TRIBUNE:  How will someone interested in your token obtain it?

MIKE WINNER: So, to be clear, we aren’t offering a token. Our coin will work just like Bitcoin in that is a transactional cryptocurrency that is based on a new type of consensus protocol we are creating called Proof Of Experience. The reason we developed this new protocol was to counter many of the issues current protocols like Proof Of Work and Proof of Stake face. With this new protocol, it is human experience that powers the value of the currency, not computer processing power or amount of coin. We are developing a truly decentralized way to quantify and qualify human experiences in a way that sort of gameifies daily life and commerce…so, it is super fun, too!  Because of this, though, the only way to get the initial currency is by taking part in the genesis experience, which is this festival.  Every person attending, performing, volunteering, etc. will receive a free airdrop of 101 Karmex (KMX) when they enter the space.  These first individuals will be the genesis experiencers and have the important responsibility of raising this fledgling blockchain into adulthood.  We feel this is the best way to keep malicious actors and your typical crypto traders away from manipulating the organic economy we are developing through adoption.

BLOCK TRIBUNE: How will the token be used?

MIKE WINNER: Karmex, like Bitcoin, Litecoin, Digibyte, etc. is meant to be used as a transactional currency for everyday purchasing of really anything.  It is being designed to be extremely fast, fee-less and, most importantly, completely decentralized through the Proof Of Experience protocol. What makes the currency unique is how it is earned within the ecosystem. Within Karmaship, people earn KEX or Karma Experience every time they validate an experience on the blockchain. This allows them to increase their experience weight on the network and Gather more KMX.  The idea here is that users are saving their KEX in order to spend their KMX.  We see one of the huge problems in crypto at the moment is no one wants to actually spend the currency because of its deflationary characteristics.  With KMX, there will be a set inflationary rate and users are actually rewarded with KEX for spending it so the hope is we can create a self-perpetuating loop of karmic interactions that turns into its own type of economy. We call this the Karmaconomy.

BLOCK TRIBUNE:  Some of your rhetoric is pretty strong against central banks and the “one percent.” How will you guard against your movement morphing into something that scapegoats specific individuals or groups within it?

MIKE WINNER:  This is what decentralization is all about! The more distributed a network gets, the stronger it gets against centralized attack and control. We feel that our Proof Of Experience protocol will be revolutionary for this very reason! Bitcoin was the first to show how strong a distributed currency can be versus the big banks, but it also has become centralized within the new crypto ecosystem. We know this is the future and it actually won’t be the big banks we will need to worry about but the mining consortiums controlling all the hash power. With Proof Of Experience, we give the power back to the individual.

BLOCK TRIBUNE: What will an “open source society” look like?  Will there still be winners and losers?

MIKE WINNER: We have never really had this before and it is a truly grand concept!  Some may think it to be too idealistic and “out there,” but we feel that is the future as we become more connected through the internet. In an open-source everything society everyone is actually a winner because it takes out the greedy middlemen, the corruption with patent trolls, big business/government collusion and theft! In an open-source everything society, nothing can really be stolen.  But, what is key is full disclosure and transparency and the blockhain + truly distributed, decentralized systems will need to be in place for this to happen.

BLOCK TRIBUNE:  Do you endorse any specific candidates for office or political system?  Why or why not?

MIKE WINNER: As of now, we are very non-political. Until there are real voices for truth and honesty, we see no point in being involved. The system is broken, but we hope these new technologies can bring back truth and honesty into how we as a world-wide populace are governed.  We are very optimistic about the future!