Blockchain Firm BTL Group Launches Interbit Platform For Testing and Feedback

Announcements, Blockchain | April 24, 2018 By:

Canadian blockchain firm BTL Group has announced that its blockchain platform Interbit is now available for testing and feedback.

Interbit is a platform of application services designed to help build, deploy, and promote applications. It allows operating and interconnecting multiple blockchains via its “chain joining” capability, which then enables building applications that are faster, scalable, and more resilient. The token free platform automates many back office processes, including confirmations, actualizations, invoice generation, settlement, audit, reporting, and regulatory compliance. It also allows enterprises to significantly reduce risk, costs, and the threat of cyber-attack, as well as increasing their trading opportunities.

Visitors can now access and download Interbit and can launch their own multiple blockchain solutions and provide feedback to BTL’s support team. In this testing and feedback phase, users of Interbit will be able to access the Interbit Software Development Kit (SDK), navigate to open source Interbit app repos on Github, create their own platform blockchain account and interact with it through a blockexplorer, begin building multi blockchain apps, preview the Interbit Store, contact BTL for queries and support, receive regular platform software updates every 2 weeks, and connect with BTL’s business leads.

After the testing and feedback phase, Interbit will move into its production phase upon successful completion of an independent security audit which has commenced and will be achieved through regular software releases.

Dominic McCann, CEO of BTL, said that during the extensive design and development of Interbit, they learned that existing blockchain technology could not scale on demand or provide the level of security demanded of modern computing platforms. He added that they have now pioneered how blockchain technology can be built to ensure privacy, scale in the new world.

“The hard work doesn’t stop here, as we are continue to develop Interbit and achieve adoption and commercialization across multiple industries,” said McCann.

Tom Thompson, CTO of BTL, said Interbit’s unique chain joining technology is designed to allow users to keep their metadata private in a design framework that is familiar and easy to use, of which both are essential for businesses to truly come to rely on blockchain technology over time.

“What we have built is a next generation blockchain platform that allows users to benefit from our chain joining capability by easily and quickly building fast, scalable and secure blockchain applications,” said Thompson. “Developers can be up and running on an Interbit multi blockchain solution within minutes.”

In January, BTL announced the second phase of its European energy trading project, which aims to deliver gas trading reconciliation through to settlement and delivery of trades. The project participants include Eni Trading & Shipping, Total, Gazprom Marketing & Trading Limited, Mercuria, Vattenfall, Petroineos, and Freepoint