Blockchain Firm Lykke Teams With Nxchange On Tokenized Securities Exchange

Blockchain, News | November 6, 2018 By:

Swiss blockchain exchange Lykke is working with securities exchange platform Nxchange to open a fully regulated tokenized securities exchange in Europe.

Lykke is a company aiming to build a global marketplace for the free exchange of financial assets. It is leveraging blockchain technology to eliminate market inefficiencies, promote equal access from anywhere in the world, and support the trade of any object of value.

Nxchange is the a fully regulated stock exchange as a service that can be used by companies, exchanges and financial institutions for issuing and trading securities from their own web-environment. Its platform enables companies, exchanges and financial institutions to raise capital directly within their own communities and offer their investors the possibility to trade securities on the secondary market of Nxchange.

Under the partnership, Lykke will become an equity shareholder in Nxchange in return for contributing investment capital, blockchain technology, crypto asset trading infrastructure and financial engineering expertise to the partnership. The two companies will create tokenized securities exchange that will leverage the Nxchange’s experience in regulatory compliance to facilitate safe and regulated trading.

“The tokenized securities exchange will make it instantly easier for any company to offer their securities to a much wider investor market while simultaneously granting investors access to a far greater and more diverse variety of financial assets,” the firms said. “This partnership will see the potential for any asset or security to be tokenized and traded on the blockchain infrastructure all within an MTF regulated and compliant environment. This will provide all on-boarded users with the peace of mind and trust required to invest in previously inaccessible assets, complete with embedded smart contracts to guarantee the rights of all users all within a securely regulated environment.”

The two companies will also develop a wallet that will provide the storage vehicle through which users will be enabled to access and trade their digital assets on the exchange from anywhere in the world.

Richard Olsen, founder of Lykke and futures commission merchant OANDA, said that the increasing acceptance of digital assets and blockchain infrastructure as the technology of the future correctly comes with a greater emphasis on regulation and compliance.

“This partnership envisages to satisfy all these things while still bringing all the benefits of transformative technology to any individual who wishes to access or exchange anything of value,” said Olsen.

Marleen Evertsz, CEO and founder of Nxchange, said that the goal of the partnership is to build the “Next Generation Stock Exchange.”

“We believe that the time has come for a more modern form of capital market transactions: efficient, real-time, 24/7, transparent, and supported by compliance procedures that assure maximum security,” said Evertsz.