Blockchain Firm ShareRing Launches Anonymous Contact-Tracing Passport To Revive Tourism In COVID-19 Era

Blockchain, News | August 4, 2020 By:

Global sharing marketplace ShareRing has launched the first private contact-tracing passport that can be integrated with e-visa on arrival systems (eVOA), travel insurance companies, airlines, hotels and retail shops.

ShareRing is an on-demand, two-sided marketplace that brings together sharing services across all industries and geographies, with share economy users who can securely access, connect and pay for these services anywhere in the world. The platform’s utility token, ShareToken (SHR), drives sharing transactions to be written to the ShareRing ledger, the second token, SharePay (SHRP), acts as the currency for sharing services. By going with a two-token strategy, no knowledge of blockchain/crypto is necessary to utilize the ShareRing ecosystem.

COVID-19 has shattered the travel industry across the world which contributed more than $9 trillion to the global economy in 2019. ShareRing’s multi-functional travel and e-commerce ecosystem aims to bring a much-needed boost to the global tourism industry.

According to ShareRing, its contact-tracing passport will give travellers the option to upload important identification documents including the eVOA, a passport, travel insurance, accommodation information and a negative COVID-19 test – a mandatory requirement for certain countries including Thailand, Indonesia and China. Travellers’ “Proof of Health” is tied safely to a QR code which is scanned by airports, hotels or shops to reveal the status of their test, allowing for more freedom of movement and interaction with customers.

Contact-tracing applications have undergone harsh scrutiny since the pandemic began, with studies showing many tracing applications lack adequate security. ShareRing’s self-sovereign identity storing model overcomes the major hurdle of securing data integrity by ensuring data privacy through anonymous distributed ledger cryptography.

“With the COVID-19 contact tracing passport, hotels and activity providers can now grant safe access for travellers to visit tourism hotspots for a much-needed boost to the international travel industry that accounts for nearly 3% of the global economy,” said ShareRing CEO Tim Bos.