Blockchain Firm Launches Angel Investor Program

Announcements, Investing | May 14, 2018 By:

Crypto solutions provider has launched a new investor program which is accessible to both institutional and retail investors.

Based in Switzerland, is a blockchain platform that aims to disrupt the ways the financial ecosystem works and democratize the markets. The platform uses a peer-to-peer (P2P) platform and three other technologies. The company uses the Web 2.0 layer, cloud data storage, and the blockchain fabric advancement to support the trading of a variety of digital assets. In January of this year, the company raised $31 million in its TIO token initial coin offering (ICO).

The new Angel Investor Program will use a consulting team to vet and select ICO for selected investors to get involved in. The company said the program already has up to $300 million in funding for potential investments in ICO projects, and is already in discussion with other potential institutional partners in order to significantly increase this figure by the end of the year.

Only ICO projects with long-term financial and technological viability will pass the selection process. Selected projects will also allocate a significant number of tokens to the community at a preferential discount or bonus, considering the size and stage of the investment.

Beneficiaries of the Angel Investor program include:

  • Institutional investors who can benefit from our know your customer (KYC) and anti money laundering (AML) vetting processes as well as thorough reviews of ICO project viability, board, management team, advisors, and a comprehensive analysis.
  • Retail investors and ICO Participants can obtain high potential ICO tokens at preferential prices as well as access to airdrop campaigns.
  • Upcoming ICOs preparing to crowdfund for their blockchain project and who will gain access to the institutional funds required to jump start a qualified project, thereby increasing the potential to reach that project’s hard cap.
  • Existing TIO holders who will be beneficiaries of the upcoming Liquidity Pool and who will have exclusive access to special offers. Purchasing ICO tokens via the TIO will also increase the utility and demand for the token. CEO Jim Preissler said that the team has a huge amount of experience in blockchain and finance that will both add value to investors of their program and also save them significant amounts of time and risk.

“We’re most excited to announce that as a commitment to our valued TIO holders, we are expanding the utility and demand of TIO in the market,” said Preissler. “In addition, we pledge to incorporate the success of the Angel Investor program to the upcoming Liquidity Pool.”