Blockchain Future Council Formed By Dubai Future Foundation

Blockchain, News | May 10, 2019 By:

The Dubai Future Foundation (DFF) has formed a new council to discuss proposed legislation to expand the implementation of blockchain technology in various sectors in the city.

DFF is a government foundation that aims at shaping the future of the strategic sectors in cooperation with government and private sector entities by endorsing innovative capabilities and launching initiatives.

The new council, called Dubai Future Council for Blockchain, is part of the “Dubai Future Councils” initiative, which was launched earlier this year to find innovative solutions for strategic sectors and forecast their future in the City of Dubai over the next 50 years.

The Dubai Future Council for Blockchain is made up of 14 members from various government and international entities. The council will be headed by Her Excellency Dr Aisha Bint Butti Bin Bishr, Director General of Smart Dubai.

“The Dubai Future Council for Blockchain offers a prominent platform to explore challenges and find innovative and proactive solutions to make sure Dubai is prepared for the future of vital sectors in the Blockchain era, and for the opportunities this technology provides, which we hope to harness in the near future and make Dubai the smartest city in the world and a regional and global Blockchain hub,” said Aisha.

The council’s inaugural meeting was held on April 1, where members outlined a framework for the council’s activities in the upcoming period. The council discussed a number of pertinent topics, including the proposed legislation to expand the implementation of blockchain technology in various sectors, government services, and private entities, as well as the future prospects of this ground-breaking technology within strategic sectors.

Aisha said that the council will be working to advance Dubai’s digital transition through a series of solutions and tools, most notable of which is blockchain technology.

“Dubai has made remarkable accomplishments with blockchain and is now a world-leading city for the technology, hosting international blockchain conferences that bring influential experts and decision makers from around the world,” said Aisha. “This, in turn, has established Dubai as a global blockchain capital.”

The council is set to hold four meetings per year to outline plans and form task forces to carry out the duties as well as to follow up on existing blockchain initiatives and plans.