Blockchain Incubator Launched In Switzerland’s Crypto Valley

Blockchain, News | September 21, 2018 By:

Swiss company Crypto Valley Venture Capital (CV VC) has launched a blockchain incubator in Zug, Switzerland.

Founded in March 2017 as a government-backed consortium, CV VC is a next generation investment company that invest in all stages of blockchain development, from incubation to pre-ICO and post-ICO.

The company’s initial incubator, dubbed “Genesis Hub,” aims to secure $100 million. The incubator will initially support 20 blockchain startups, with plans to support 60 new companies per year. The incubator’s long-term goal is to open doors for 1,000 blockchain companies around the world each year.

The company will invest a fixed amount of seed funding ($125K) in promising early stage blockchain companies in return for equity or tokens, starting later this year with the first batch of a three-month high-level seed capital program. Selected participants will benefit from funding, education and coaching, the CV Labs network, workspace, shared living space and a series of major events all happening in Zug, home to Switzerland’s Crypto Valley.

The company also intends to operate internationally and is seeking new investors from across the globe to help it establish future incubators in other countries.

“Blockchain technology is a global phenomenon so we could expand anywhere in the world,” said CV VC co-founder Mathias Ruch.