Blockchain Innovation Hub Axora Launches Smart Mining Resource Center

Blockchain, News | June 3, 2020 By:

Cross-industry innovation hub Axora has launched an online Smart Mining resource center to help mining companies rebound from and thrive after the global Covid-19 pandemic.

Axora, an innovation hub providing a global marketplace of proven digital solutions, helps leading global organizations discover best-in-class innovation in order to unlock transformation and deliver business value. Axora uses blockchain technology to currently host more than 120 innovative solutions from sector leaders to startups, universities, and consultancies.

Axora’s Smart Mining resource center will provide the latest industry insights and access to digital solutions and technologies which mining companies can adopt to accelerate their business growth, reduce wasted investment, and avoid duplication.

According to Axora, its Smart Mining digital solutions comprise all three types of technology that make up Smart Mining – smart devices, smart connected devices and IoT – which can help transform and revolutionise mining companies in a post-Covid world.

“The downtime caused by Covid-19 offers mining companies a unique opportunity to improve their digital solutions, accelerate their digital transformation roadmaps and enable “Smart Mining,” said Dr. Nick Mayhew, Chief Commercial Officer for Axora. “The companies that use this moment to push themselves to make their mines smarter are the ones which will recover the quickest and thrive in the future.”

The innovation hub also launched a survey that investigates the impact of Covid-19 on digital innovation and home-working practices in the mining industry.

“The Covid-19 pandemic is causing an acceleration of digital transformation across the mining sector, as the need to be safer, more sustainable and more efficient has never been greater,” added Dr. Mayhew. “We’re seeing very specific technology themes emerging as key priorities, such as tech-enabled ore sorting, autonomous machinery and remote monitoring for health and safety, which are attracting urgent and significant investments, all enabling the so-called ‘Smart Mining.”