Blockchain Investment Firm CoinFund Invests In Crypto Derivatives Platform Delta Exchange

Blockchain, Investing, News | May 27, 2020 By:

Crypto derivatives platform Delta Exchange has received an undisclosed investment from New York-based blockchain investor CoinFund.

Delta Exchange is pioneering the sphere of stablecoin-settled contracts and supplying one of the largest markets for Altcoin Futures. The company’s mission is to provide efficient ways for retail and institutional investors to participate in derivatives trading. It is dedicated to helping clients leverage high-quality derivatives investment opportunities.

Since its launch in 2018, Delta Exchange has hit major milestones including launching futures on Bitcoin and 25+ cryptos, offering options on Bitcoin and Ethereum, bringing stablecoin settled futures etc. The market has also reacted positively to the company’s offering. Its recently launched Bitcoin MOVE contracts, which are options contracts that allow traders to bet on Bitcoin price volatility, have seen over 25% growth month over month. Similarly, the company has received huge traction with its BTCUSDT perpetual swaps, which have become the highest volume mover for the platform in less than 2 months from launch. Delta Exchange also offers futures on a bunch of coins that are not available for leveraged trading on other exchanges.

The investment will provide Delta Exchange with strategic resources and insight to scale while giving CoinFund an opportunity to execute on its India investment strategy as the firm’s first venture investment in the region. CoinFund has been actively investing throughout the COVID-19 pandemic and has spent a number of years prospecting the India crypto opportunity.

“The crypto market opportunity in India is big! The combination of the Supreme Court’s decision to invalidate RBI’s ban on crypto, increasing local interest, and Bitcoin’s momentum have primed the market for imminent explosive growth,” said Alex Felix, Managing Partner at CoinFund. “Delta Exchange has proven itself as a leader in the derivatives market. The combination of the company’s leadership, technology, and location makes Delta Exchange a strategic and valuable addition to our portfolio. In a short period of time, Delta Exchange has seen tremendous growth in India and we believe they have built a major new cornerstone in the crypto ecosystem.”

Pankaj Balani, co-founder and CEO of Delta Exchange, said that the reason they are able to offer derivatives on so many coins is because their risk management engine is fast and can handle high price volatility.

“We have built technology to specifically solve the complex case of Crypto Derivatives. Despite the high volatility that markets exhibited in the recent months, we have not had any incidence where our systems have not been able to liquidate positions in time,” Balani said. “This is a huge testament to how robust our technology is. We have built trading and risk management systems to be able to offer derivatives on 100+ coins seamlessly. This gives us a huge advantage over other crypto derivatives exchanges.”