Blockchain Job Kit Released By ConsenSys To Help Developers Enter The Blockchain Space

Blockchain, News | May 28, 2019 By:

Ethereum developer studio ConsenSys has released a blockchain job kit to guide ethereum developers who desire to join the blockchain space.

ConsenSys said that the Blockchain and Dapp Developer Job Kit has everything a technologist needs to get involved in the blockchain space, including knowledge checklists, learning hubs, and links where they can begin their job search. The kit covers basic blockchain knowledge, including consensus algorithms, miners and security incentivizatio, proof of work vs. proof of stake, smart contracts, transactions, gas, and gas prices, sharding, scalability trilemma, and token standards.

To fully understand the capabilities of ethereum, developers need to have a solid understanding of cryptography, as its one of ethereum’s foundational technologies. ConsenSys said cryptography is what allows ethereum to be secure, and allows for cryptocurrencies to separate itself from fiat. The kit provides an overview of the most relevant cryptography terms and topics, including public key encryption, private key encryption, key agreement/exchange, digital signatures, hash functions, ring signatures, zero-knowledge proofs, encrypted storage, elliptic curve encryption, and trusted execution environments.

According to ConsenSys, there are several different programming languages that developers should be familiar with. These include JavaScript, Python, and Solidity. For backend ETH protocol development, the kit recommends languages such as Go, Rust, Java,.NET, C++ and Ruby.

In a blog post, ConsenSys said that much of the blockchain jobs market expansion is focused on developers, and this continues to be the area of most demand. The firm cites a survey from Linkedin which shows that blockchain developer as topping the list for job roles with the highest growth, having grown 33 times over the previous year. It also cited a report by PriceWaterhouseCooper that suggests that 77% of companies surveyed are on its way to releasing blockchain-based solutions and products.

“While in the past, the blockchain space was driven by startups and token launches, now much larger enterprises have stepped into the fray, infrastructural projects abound, and many of yesteryear’s plucky startups have grown into formidable businesses in their own right with growing hiring needs,” ConsenSys said.