Blockchain Logistics Firm Smart Containers’ SkyCell Division Partners With DuPont Safety & Construction

Announcements, Blockchain | July 13, 2018 By:

DuPont Safety & Construction (DuPont) has teamed with Swiss-based container manufacturer SkyCell to ensure the safe delivery of pharmaceuticals worldwide using blockchain technology.

DuPont is a business unit of DowDuPont Specialty Products Division, a global provider of technology-based materials, ingredients and solutions that help transform industries and everyday life. DuPont collaborates with companies, governments, industrial manufacturers, and academics to develop and test a wide range of materials, like Tyvek for general industrial protection, Tychem for industrial chemical and chemical warfare agent protection, and Nomex, a flame resistant fiber for fire dangers.

SkyCell is a division of blockchain logistics firm Smart Containers Group, a Swiss-based manufacturer utilizing blockchain technology to deliver temperature-controlled containers for food and pharmaceuticals. SkyCell claims that the efficient insulation and cutting-edge cooling technology enable the containers to keep the temperature up to 160h. All containers are equipped with Internet of Things (IoT) sensors, whcih allow global tracking and monitoring.

The alliance will leverage SkyCell’s temperature-controlled containers and its logger and data platforms for DuPont Tyvek Cargo Covers to ensure the safe delivery of pharmaceuticals worldwide. The combined effort is aimed at maintaining the physical and clinical integrity of pharmaceuticals in transit. In addition, both companies will be share data collection know-how in the area of cold chain transportation of temperature sensitive goods.

“DuPont is a firm believer in the potential of strategic alliances like this one where each party can leverage its respective strength for powerful solutions,” said Christian Marx, Vice President and General Manager of Tyvek and Typar. “There is a strong strategic fit between DuPont and SkyCell and we see this as an important step in complementing our Tyvek Cargo Covers offering and expanding our market capability with high-performance solutions for an increasingly sophisticated pharmaceutical supply chain.”

“With a shared vision of better leveraging data in the supply chain of sensitive pharmaceuticals, this partnership will help us play our part in ensuring that medicines, vaccines and other health-related treatments get to the final patients in a safe, sustainable and timely manner,” said Richard Ettl, CEO of SkyCell.