Blockchain Marketplace Canyudo Sets Closed Beta For Its Town Square Model

Announcements, Blockchain, Innovation | December 15, 2018 By:

Canyudo, a social tasking, marketplace, and event organization app, has introduced its product in closed beta ahead of its forthcoming launch in January.

The Canyudo app, which will be available first in Hong Kong before its global roll-out, is envisioned as a virtual town square where users can advertise jobs, tasks, events, or items for sale, with an added benefit of instant transactions with cryptocurrency in addition to fiat.

To encourage charitable endeavors, one-third of all transactions are allocated to registered charities. Users may donate their time, skills, or money to these charities or sell them on the open market.

Canyudo draws on game design, blockchain and an efficient user interface to achieve its goals.

Steve Biddick, Founder and CEO of Canyudo said his design team comes from the games industry, “so we understand the motivating power of a well-devised game. Therefore we are pleased to introduce the Canyudo app which stimulates pro-social behavior to fulfill one of our core aims – driving a resurgence in human cooperation.”

“The app doesn’t just simply get things done, we enhance the ripple effects of good deeds through a pay-it-forward model using an in-app coin to make impact measurable. We look forward to collaborating closely with communities to bring our goal to life.’’

In May 2016, Canyudo successfully completed its first round of equity funding by surpassing its target in just a month on Seedrs, Europe’s largest equity crowdfunding platform, and shortly thereaffter kick-started its software development in February 2017.

Canyudo has a second round of fundraising on Seedrs. The funding will be used to bring Canyudo’s services to users globally. As of now, the campaign has met 73% of its target and is set to end on January 22.