Blockchain Payments Firm Apifiny Hires Thomas Trepanier As Director Of Business Development

Blockchain, Job Appointments | July 17, 2020 By:

Apifiny, a global liquidity, trading and settlement solutions provider for exchanges, traders and banks, has hired Thomas Trepanier as Director of Business Development.

Apifiny is a global liquidity and financial value transfer network that unifies disparate global trading and settlement systems and remove barriers of time, geography and currency so that financial value moves with unprecedented speed anywhere in the world. The company empowers banks with new payment rails for lightning-fast cross-border remittances, increasing revenue hidden in fragmented payment gateways across both traditional fiat and digital asset classes. Apifiny also empowers digital asset exchanges and institutional traders by offering deep global liquidity, superior price discovery, normalized market data, tighter spreads, faster settlement, and higher fill rates and capital utilization.

Trepanier brings over 20 years of experience in financial services and Fintech, serving banks, central banks, stock exchanges, central securities depositories, and asset managers. His experience includes key business development and sales roles with Global Accelerated Ventures (GAV), Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunications (SWIFT), and Omgeo (a DTCC company), among others.

Trepanier will reportedly lead the growth of Roxe, Apifiny’s global settlement network designed to enable instant clearing and settlement of traditional and digital assets, payments and remittances.

“Thomas brings a proven track record developing strategic partnerships, go-to-market strategies and growing business by partnering closely with banks, central banks and other leading financial services companies, ” said Josh Li, Chief Business Officer of Apifiny. “His success in both traditional and digital finance is a powerful combination that will bring tremendous value to our bank and central bank partners and help us execute our vision to accelerate the transfer of financial value anytime, anywhere.”

“Apifiny’s unique instant settlement and liquidity solutions for banks and central banks are ripe for adoption by the types of financial institutions I’ve worked with throughout my career,” said Trepanier. “Roxe is designed for banks to settle global payments, remittances, and fiat and digital assets in seconds while saving costs and streamlining operations to help increase tier 1 deposits and topline sales.”