Blockchain Pilot In Education Launched In Dubai

Blockchain, Education | February 27, 2018 By:

Educhain, a blockchain startup in educational technology, has announced the first large-scale pilot of its blockchain platform in Dubai. The announcement came after Educhain announced it graduated from the Dubai Future Accelerators (DFA) in December 2017.

The initiative will enable students to request and receive secure digital records to an Academic Passport, where they can then view, manage, and share them for school transfers, university applications, and job applications. Academic institutions can issue official academic credentials digitally, and automate their verification. Recipients can then instantly validate authenticity of these records, leading to significant time and cost savings and elimination of academic fraud.

The pilot spans all levels of education to secure and streamline the exchange of digital academic credentials, operating in tandem with partners in North America and Europe. Confirmed participants in the program encompass over 400,000 students and include leading institutions such as the University of Dubai, Zayed University, Academia Management Solutions International, MENA College of Management, and Horizon English School.

Mark Balovnev, CEO of Educhain, said the initiative will be one of the largest scale public/private sector collaboration across all levels of schooling.

“Blockchain will revolutionize how we issue, manage, and share digital records, and we are proud to launch this global pilot as one of the first practical implementations of the technology,” said Balovnev.

Khalfan Belhoul, CEO of the Dubai Future Foundation, said the pilot will demonstrate that the value of blockchain stretches far beyond financial technology and can drive societal value and happiness in diverse areas such as education.

“It represents one of the first significant steps in real implementation of blockchain and solidifies Dubai’s reputation as the blockchain capital of the world,” Belhoul said.

Dr. Geoffrey Gachino, Provost at the University of Dubai, said that as part of their continuous work to create new opportunities for their students, they recognize the growing need for academic institutions to innovate and adapt to their needs in the digital age.

“This project enhances mobility and hireability for our students and young professionals while streamlining our internal processes, accelerating digital transformation,” said Gachino.